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Things to talk about on video-call or in person: Initially, we engage in discussions regarding fundamental project aspects like scope, budget, personal style, timeline, our design process and fee structure. We will submit the design proposal and agreement once everything is aligned.


This document outlines the entire process, including fees and specific deliverables, ensuring complete clarity for all parties involved. Once the agreement is in place, we get started! Payments are mostly made by check or electronic transfer* (fees applied). The base design fee is paid in increments indicated on the design agreement whereas finishes and furnishings are paid prior to us ordering or installing as the project develops.


In-depth client interview. During this interaction, we talk about every facet of the project, exploring the clients' wish-list, design inclinations, favored color & material palette, and even their likes and dislikes. At the same time, we obtain a rigorous site analysis involving the following: measurements, photographs, and thorough documentation of existing conditions. This groundwork forms the foundation for our creative journey ahead.


Schematics, Design Development and Project Coordination. We start by deconstructing the overall aesthetics and vibes using conceptual images, and then we dive into space planning by creating layouts. Additionally, we curate materials and finishes that align with the design and overall concept. Within a few weeks, we integrate the design components into the Concepts Presentation which illustrates the entire vision for the project.

The presentation showcases the proposed design and selections including conceptual drawings, 3D renderings, images, samples of finishes and fixtures. This comprehensive approach provides clients with a tangible way to visualize the design and overall direction.

Upon clients' approval the Design Development segment of the project commences, it takes several weeks and involves a sequence of integral components. We generate a single document known as the "Design Proposal", which serves as the blueprint, including scaled plans, elevations, and detail drawings and everything pertaining to the chosen design. We will also provide estimates and pricing on all proposed decorative finishes, fixtures and furnishings that will guide the project's execution.

Another pivotal facet of this phase is the creation of the Finish Schedule also known as "Spec Book". This detailed document outlines all finishes, fixtures and furnishings, leaving no aspect unaccounted for. The final drawings and Finish Schedule are presented and shared with all parties involved in the project.


This is where the real heavy lifting begins. We collaborate closely with general contractors, builders, and manufacturers to ensure that every aspect of our design and merchandise is executed and installed accordantly. This involves site visits and working directly with fabrication facilities to oversee quality. We also monitor the delivery of finishes, fixtures and furnishings to keep everything on track with the project's timeline. It's all about bringing our design to life with precision and attention to detail.

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